Seawitches 003

Seawitches 003



Amelia Coplan, Andrew Kaineder, Bleen Photography, Chris Duncan, Cristine Blanco, Coco Peezy, Easkey Britton, Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Kaylee Savage-Wright, Kimberly Rose Wendt, Luke Allen, Margaret Seelie, Marley Reynosa, Maureen Murphy, Paige Laverty, Preston Richardson, Sarah Beeby, Susan Mattisson, Yoni Matatyaou

Hand Dyed Acid Free Uncoated Matte Paper
Eucalyptus Bark Ink.

Boiled eucalyptus bark with a mordant fixative create a dark dye and patter unique to each cover.

In collaboration with Leah Koransky and Vine Street Studio Space, Ava Sayaka Rosen and Open Windows Cooperative, and Colorprint.

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