Dave Pamenter on Backyard Shapers

"No design innovation has ever come from a big manufacturer or a big label. It's always come from the backyard or surfer-shapers like like Simon Anderson, Wayne Lynch, Mark Richards, Phil Edwards, Hobie Alter.

It's gonna be good because it always comes from surfers wanting to use a different part of a wave or a wave that no one else sees, and build boards to it. It's not like somebody is going to come up with a design and then you're going to figure out a new type of surfing to go with it. It's always driven by someone's far-seeing vision, like Laird Hamilton with the hydrofoil. Some of these new paipo or alaia boards. There are new ways of surfing, but it always comes from the desire to surf differently and not just have different boards for their own sake."

This quote is taken from the Shape Heroes Forum at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art on July 16, 2016. The Shape Heroes Forum was an event in conjunction with the Surf Craft Exhibit. Panelists included: Danny Hess, William "Stretch" Reidel, Griffin Stepanek, Joh Wegener, and Dave Parmenter. Moderated by Christian Beamish.

Margaret SeelieComment