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Five Questions with…Margaret Seelie

by Daughters of the Sea

As part of their #ColdWaterWomenSeries, Daughters of the Sea interviewed Other Side of Surfing Founder, Margaret Seelie. Based in Whales, Daughters of the Sea are “Creating a print and online platform to celebrate women in cold water surf culture.”

Daughters of the Sea

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The Women Surfers Saying Men Don't get to Rule the Waves

by Clara Hernanz

Other Side of Surfing zine is mentioned in this article about sexism in surfing both in the US and abroad. Founder, Margaret Seelie, is quoted along with greats like Bianca Valenti, Brown Girl Surf, Garazi Sanchez, and Ariane Ochoa. 



Other Side of Skating

Photos by Nam-Chi Van

The Other Side of Skateboarding, a rad night of female skate films featuring 2005’s “Getting Nowhere Faster” and the extended trailer of “Quit Your Day Job” at Avocados & Coconuts in San Francisco, CA. After the screening a Q&A session with Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Tiffany Campbell of “Getting Nowhere Faster”, Monique O’Toole and Erik Sandoval, producers of “Quit Your Day Job”, and Erica Harris, director of Skate Like a Girl SF.


Heal Your Election Woes By Embracing Women, Diversity, and the Environment

by Jennifer Savage

A week ago we believed we were moving forward. We knew Titans of Mavericks would add a women’s heat to the 2016-17 contest, which was momentous, even if they did so under pressure. We were confident we’d elect our first woman president, a historic occasion, even if many voters were marking their ballots reluctantly.


The Other Side of Surfing: Interview with Margaret Seelie

by Nicole Grodesky

It is difficult to explain what the Other Side of Surfing is without sharing where it began and the journey it’s traveled. In 2013 I was at a surf conference at UC Santa Cruz and Julie Cox was on a panel of surfers who were talking about surf media.